February 26, 2018


We know that it is the desire and purpose of God’s heart to secure a corporate man, having His image, manifesting His glory, and exercising His authority to deal with His enemy—all in order that He Himself may obtain eternal rest. Very few people, however, know that this great heart’s desire and purpose can only be attained by God’s own life. Even fewer understand how one can experience this life and thus fulfill the desire of God’s heart. The saints are very weak and childish. Although many pursue, few find the path of life. There are yet many who confuse enthusiasm, knowledge, ability, and gifts with click over here.

Thank God that in these last days, days of such spiritual need, He has revealed through our brother His marvelous and mysterious way of life in such a way that every believer may comprehend and make it his own. We may say that these chapters contain the essence of the saints’ understanding and experience of life during two thousand years, plus the thirty years of personal testing and experience, which enabled our brother to compile these precious writings. It is indeed magnificent. The contents discuss the experience of life in nineteen items, explaining the experience of the various stages of spiritual life and the way of pursuing the Lord. If the experience of each subject is sought after and exercised, one can go on in a straight course and rise to the stage of the maturity of life very quickly.

These chapters make real that science of life which is not easily seen or grasped. Any saint who loves the Lord and seeks to grow in life must not fail to read them.


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